Dec 14, 2011

Jackson Richardson

Should I really present him?! He has been a role model for so many young handball players in the world. Known from everybody, he was the face for the french handball for so many years. A great player, a great guy!!


Dec 12, 2011

Thank you!

I'm writing this small post to say thank you to everybody that at least once look at my blog and my drawings, and thank you to all of you who like to see a new caricature. I'm really happy to say that I had over 23 000 views since I put it online (5 months), for that thank you!

Dec 7, 2011

Ivano Balic

What should I say about him?! Every handball player knows his name. Everybody knows who he is. I like to say that when he plays, he makes handball look so easy to practice, so nice to watch.
There are many great players like Karabatic, Jicha, Mikkel Hansen, Abalo...but he is something special, he has something else in his style, that made him the best handball player in the world some years ago.


Dec 6, 2011

Heiner Brand

He is one of the most popular handball face in Germany. As player many years ago, and then as trainer of the "mannschaft".
He won the world championship in Germany in 2007.
I've "met" him on my tv screen as a child, and now since I'm playing in Gummersbach, It happens that I meet him sometimes in the city. :))


Oct 20, 2011

Anouar Ayed

He comes from Tunisia, plays in France since many years, and had scored his 1000th goal in 7 seasons. This was a present for him and his career.


Oct 12, 2011

Daniel Narcisse

I had the chance to play with him for one season, and i'm glad of it. He's open, always in a good mood, and funny. I also like him 'cause he's always positive thinking, even when he had a hard season due to injuries, he stayed as he always is.


Oct 7, 2011

Jose Javier Hombrados

This guy is a great goalkeeper, playing in Ciudad Real, huh I mean Athletico Madrid. :-) I had the chance to play some times against him, that's why I can say that he is one the best goalkeeper in the world.


Oct 6, 2011

Steve Jobs

This my tribute to a man who change not just my but the life of millions of geeks. I must confess, I'm an Apple addict like many people.
Rest in iPeace.


Oct 4, 2011

Lino Woody Cervar

Woody Allen?! No!! Lino Cervar. I don't know anymore which one is the film director, and which one is coaching!! Lol

Sep 28, 2011

Daouda Karaboué

So, what should I say about him?! First he is a great goalkeeper, world, europe, and olympic champion. Beside this success, I can describe him with those words: open, kind, friendly, engaged, respectful, calm. That's the kind of man he is.
Since many years now, he's "working" for his association, DK Coeur Afrique.
Take 2 minutes and go check the association's website:


Sep 14, 2011

Igor Vori

A common friend, Vedran Zrnic, suggested me to draw his caricature. I was of course for it, 'cause he has a great face to caricature.
He also plays the same position like me, but he is with some others, one of the best player in the world at this position.

Sep 12, 2011

Didier Dinart

He is known from every handball fan, player, trainer, as the best defense player in the world since many years now! His nickname in Spain where he plays, is "La Roca", and everyone who has ever met him (or seen him playing) can confirm that he earned it just naturally!!

Sep 8, 2011

Angela Merkel

This time I made a caricature for my german friends. It's a first on my blog because it's the first woman I draw! I normally have problems drawing women but at the end, she looks really nice and funny.

Sep 7, 2011

Bjarte Myrhol

He is one of the best line player in the world at the moment. With this caricature I would like to show him my respect and support. I hope it will bring a smile on his face.

Muamar Gadhafi

It's been almost a month since my last post. This one is special, because the others caricatures were family, friends, or people I like. He's not someone I like for sure, but since he's almost everyday on my TV when I turn it on, I had to notice that his face is perfect for caricature.

Aug 8, 2011

Luc Abalo

This one is special!! This guy is an artist! On the handball court but also in his private life. He paints, draws and more other stuff. He's a really nice person, open to the people, and 90% of the time in a good mood, the others 10%??! He's sleeping!! :)
So I hope that his artist's eye will not be so hard on me and my work.

Aug 3, 2011

Nikola Karabatic

The first caricature of a handball player! He is one of the best handball player in the world, but also a great friend of mine, that's why I picked him.
I made him ugly on my caricature, I know!! But that's where the art of caricature becomes fun!! And I'm sure that when he will look at this picture, he will laugh out loud with his bro, (my best friend) Luka!!
Signed: Monsieur Leba. Luka?! ;-)

Aug 1, 2011


I like his songs, I like his style. He has a great face for caricature, with a large nose and a big smile.
I. A.

Jul 31, 2011

My father!!

For the first post ever on my blog, a picture of my role model and idol, in sport and in life, my father. For the caricature, I picked a picture where he's not the ''prettiest'', ok!! But It was such a funny picture that's why I selected it.
I. A.